Now I am quietly waiting for the catastrophe of my personality to seem beautiful again, and interesting, and modern.

I'm Molly, lover of television, pop culture, travel, old Hollywood, adorable animals, and FSU. These are the things I love.

And so I resisted.

I fought off the vision of the shrouded figures and the dark planet and all that was perfect and I held close to imperfection.

To my own imperfection.

To my imperfect Carlos.

I took him, and I carried him out of the cube. I came up, heaving, into this world that will disappoint us.

Finally, free.

And he said to me, “I just thought that maybe it was…it was time for us, maybe, to make a home. Together.”

And I said “Yes! Please! That would be, well, that would be neat!”

"But somewhere else, OK? A duplex, an apartment…I don’t think a condo."

"No," he said, "Not a condo."

And then he said, “Listen—”

Mmmmm, he thinks I shouldn’t tell you everything.

That’s, I should leave a little something there that belongs just to us.


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 31.5 - Condos

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The Westcott Building, 1952.


finallyyy!! some one gets it

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